Zombie Brain Eating Competition

Lets face it, the zombie apocalypse is going to happen.  Although you might think you are going to be the lone survivor toting a shotgun and running through a mall while spraying brain matter against the closest Starbucks window.  The percentages are against you,  so you might as well just give up and be the best zombie you can be.

We are looking for the zombie that can squeeze, squish, and cram globs of gooey brain goodness down your undeadface.  Revel in the uproar of groans from your undead brethren as they marvel in the speed from which you down the brain of an unfortunate living.

Can you be that zombie?

As part of the Zombie Film Feast 4 ( http://www.wamcarts.org/zombie/index.html ), we will be helping host the brain eating competition of this zombie filled weekend.












The Event:

Date: 10/22/2011
Time:  6:00 PM
Location: The Linda http://www.wamcarts.org/
Food: Brains … mmmmmmm
Cost:  Free
Prize: Participants that leave us their address will be mailed a zombie dogtag with their name, place, and time after the event
To Sign Up:

1- send an email with your name to zombiebraineatingcontest@wamc.org … brains are very limited so sign up now.

2- say you are attending the event on the UEF Facebook event page https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=301471296535493


The task is simple.

The food is proclaimed.

The pride is forever.


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