The Ugly Rooster Cafe – Colossal Pancake Challenge


Eat 2 twelve inch pancakes with your choice of fruit filling along with butter, whip cream, and syrup in 20 minutes or less

The Ugly Rooster Cafe
159 Mechanicville, NY

10/15/2011 10:00AM

$15.00 to eat
Optional: $5 donation for a UEF dogtag for the event

Prize: Winners get:

  1. a coveted golden dog tag
  2. The meal is free
  3. an official Ugly Rooster T-shirt
  4. your picture on the Ugly Rooster wall of fame
  5. feeling of accomplishment
  6. bragging rights to hold over all the runner up saps
  7. and more (I’m not sure what more is)

Runner ups:  a depressing black loser dog tag to remember your shame.

Please read our rules of consumption.

The task is simple.

The food is proclaimed.

The pride is forever.


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