The Graveyard Burger

The Graveyard Burger consists of: 

8 oz. of SLAW 1 lb. Burger
2 Fried Eggs + BBQ Sauce 4 pcs of Cheese
8 oz. of Mac Cheese 8 oz. of Beef Brisket
Onion Tanglers Jalepeno Bottle Caps










The Event:

Date: 10/19/2011
Time:  5:30 PM
Location: Wagon Train BBQ
Food: The Grave Yard Burger
Time: Finish in 30 Minutes?
Cost:  $35  (if you cant finish it)
Prize: Winner gets:

  1. A free t-shirt
  2. Your meal is free
  3. A preffered parking space at the Wagon train BBQ
  4. feeling of accomplishment
  5.  bragging rights to hold over all the wall of shame saps

Runner ups:  Your picture on the wall of  shame.

Please read our rules of consumption.

The task is simple.

The food is proclaimed.

The pride is forever.



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