Who doesn’t like a good drink?

Nothing quite like downing a nice cold mug of beer.

This would be a nice traditional get-together but for two things…

1) October is the month of change. Instead of drinking from cups we drink from shit you can wear on your feet. A GLASS BOOT FOOL! Wrap your mouth around something you could theoretically hike a mountain with and drink deep this mountain of pain….

2) This is a UEF sanctioned event. No sitting around a table enjoying a beer, this is about finishing boot.  Tear through your boot better than any of the other mortals and win the golden feasting relic.

The liver is an evil… evil… organ.. it must be punished…


The Event:

Date: 10/8/2011
Time:  3:00 PM
Location: Wolff’s Biergarten
Food: BEER … mmmmmmm
Cost:  $25 … $40 deposit the day of the event, to be Returned on not breaking the boot
Money Due by:  10/1/2011
Prize: Winner gets:

  1. the coveted golden dog tag
  2. Their very own boot
  3. feeling of accomplishment
  4.  bragging rights to hold over all the runner up saps

Runner ups:  a depressing black loser dog tag to remember your shame.

Please read our rules of consumption.

First Come first serve …. we are limited to 20 boots so reserve your spot now.

The results are in!!!!!!!!!!!

NameTime M:S
John C1:57
Jack B6:47
Nevin S9:12
Mario G9:43
John "Reversal of Fortune"11:34
Josh F15:12
George L28:33
Mike S28:35
Dave B28:42
David G29:16
Gary N29:55
Dan B33:40
Mike YDisqualified

The task is simple.

The food is proclaimed.

The pride is forever.

Results coming soon!!!!!



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