Ice Creamtastrophe

The UEF is switching it up with this new trial of wills. This competition combines two of the main pillars of competitive eating: Speed and Heart.

Can the heat of your mouth break down frozen cream faster than your compeitiors?

Can you eat through the razor sharp pain of brain freeze long enough to win the gold?

Come to the feasting tree and find out. This newest testament of consumption will involve a pint of ice cream FULLY frozen and a spoon, that is all.

The Event:

Date:  9/11/2011
Time: 12:00 PM UPDATED: 4:00 PM
Location: Underneath the Feasting Tree
Food: Ice Cream
Time: As Fast as possible
Cost:  $15 (spoon included)
Prize: Winner gets:

  1. the coveted golden dog tag
  2. name on theofficial UEF perpetual pride plaque (UEF:PPP)
  3. feeling of accomplishment
  4. bragging rights to hold over all the runner up saps

Runner ups:  a depressing black loser dog tag to remember your shame.

Please read our rules of consumption.


Mario Garza3:551
Mark Jackson4:222
John Allen5:073
Mike St. John8:344
Dave Gresen8:585
Jennifer Cammans9:336
Tom Bleyl9:557
Mike Yudin9:557
Kirpaul Babar9:579
AJ Esopi10:2810
Dan Bruce19:2512


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